Blue Fog (3 Photos)

Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Night (Evening about 7pm, just before sunset) Photography, iPhone 4, no editing. Most people think of fog as white, but in the evenings here a beautiful blue fog often rolls down, and creeps in, over, and around Twin Peaks and the hills, obscuring them. The fog moves very fast when it comes in in the evenings. Unfortunately that movement can’t be captured in the pics. I’ve tried many times to get good pics of the blue fog and I finally captured the color! 🙂

photo 1

Layers of blue and white fog – unusual and stunning (much better in person)!

photo 2

The big hill and Twin Peaks beyond are completely hidden.

photo 3

This one is looking directly at Twin Peaks – completely enveloped in the blue fog!



9 thoughts on “Blue Fog (3 Photos)

  1. Really like the silhouette of the leaves and street ambience of the first image. You know how I adore every nook and cranny of the golden city. Happy Photo Challenge. (Just to let you know that I did not get a Pingback.).

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  3. Julie, you’re up and at it early this Monday morning and you caught the morning beauty as well. My favorite is the second one, as I like the inclusion of the attractive houses with the color of the sky. I wish I were seeing it in person. 🙂 Have a great day and week.


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