Rainbow Roses

Floral Friday Fotos



12 thoughts on “Rainbow Roses

    • They are real roses. Not sure if you read the other comments, but I will ask the flower shop next time I walk by, how they did this. Yes, natural is better, but these are uniquely beautiful too.

  1. Well that’s one way to get a blue rose! I suspect they use some kind of dye in the water that the flower drinks up? Not sure how that works with the multi-coloured roses though. I am intrigued.

  2. Can’t wait to hear if you find out how they color these. I know that a few years ago my boys colored some carnations and they added color dyes to the water, which goes up through the stems – and voila! but not sure how they would do the rainbow color like that- maybe topical (tech these days)
    anyhow, very fun flower photo.

    • I knew of the colored water dyes. That’s how they did the deep violet ones. Today I stopped by and asked about the rainbow roses, and the florist said that the supplier splits the stems and then soaks each split in different colored water creating the separate petal colors! I may just have to try that myself one day! 🙂

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