Squash Garden & Squash Blossom Samosas (6 Photos)

Though nothing like my little farm I used to have that supplied me with veggies, fruits, herbs, and green eggs (yes, there are chickens that lay colorful eggs!), I do have a couple of small plots in two different back yards to grow some yummy fresh produce. My zucchini plants are doing very well, so I decided to do something I’ve often thought about: make stuffed squash blossoms.

I love baking and cooking, but rarely do I follow any recipes. I like to be creative often making things up as I go. So today I decided to make Squash Blossom Samosas! I cannot give measurements, but the ingredients I used (mostly organic) are: olive oil, garlic, ginger root, small yellow potatoes, sweet peas, curry powder, a little goat cheese, and squash blossoms fresh from the garden. Yum!

photo-2 photo-4 photo-5 photo-6 photo-3 photo-1


15 thoughts on “Squash Garden & Squash Blossom Samosas (6 Photos)

  1. Nice squash plant and appetizing looking dish. How are the squash blossoms? I know how good green eggs are especially home produced. I miss my chickens and their deep dark orange yolks and richness.

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