Purple Passion



5 thoughts on “Purple Passion

  1. My mommy saw this beautiful passion vine flower on Ku’s blog and she made me come over to tell you how much she loves it. My humans lived on Galveston Island BHL (Before Harper Lee) in a Victorian house, and they had a passion vine that grew up their stairs. My mommy always let the Gulf Fritillary caterpillars eat it so they could become beautiful butterflies, and then the butterflies enjoyed the flowers!

    • That sounds so wonderful for the butterflies! Thank you for coming over here Miss Harper Lee! Tell your Mommy that there are lots of passion flowers (and butterflies) here and I will post some more pictures soon. Love, Ku’s Mama

  2. Breezy, windy, or downright blustery nearly every day also. A macro photographers nightmare and worst enemy. 😉

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